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Nobody Does it Like
Sarah Leigh
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bibby is love
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Backstreet Boys Official i-Squad™ Banner

Current Mood: blank blank

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which backstreet boy will u sleep with? by coneluvr41
bsb memberHowie
whereOn stage
when6 weeks ago.. dont u remember?
how many times4
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Holy crap, on stage? I'm a wee bit slutty, eh?
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my pet!
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inahurricane kicks ass!
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Dude...I hate it when people type "u" instead of "you." But what I hate even more is "ur." Omg, you've already typed 2 letters, how much harder is it to add 2 more????? *screams*

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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OH! I forgot to share my grades with you fools!!!

PHOT-10B-6344 Intermediate Photography A
BUS-18A-6103 Business Law A
ACTG-51-1986 Applied Accounting A
ENGL-30C-6168 Advanced American Sign Languag B

Not bad, eh? I'm waaaay surprised about the law grade. And a little surprised about the photography grade. But in a good way. So yay.
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So my dears, I am harvesting email addys...lol I just wanna send you this BSB Promo Player thing...You can hear Incomplete. Or you can just open it with your speakers off...Pwease? If you love me, leave your addy in a comment. lol @ me. Or IM it to me, or something. MWAH!!!
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Babes!!! Join the BSB i-squad, yo!
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Cute!! Someone buy it for me!!

EDIT: So...I'm just sitting here...Chillin in my Webber jersey...

And I just bought this:

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Hi, dear lady,

happy to meet you.

Your photos are very nice.

I am Hongwu in Beijing, China.

I am seeking a girlfriend, whose height is between 165cm--173cm.

I wish she is educated & tender.

I am sincere.
Please read my profile, so you can understand something about me.
My height is 175 cm.

Now I am manager of software department in a corporation in Beijing.
I am senior software analyst.

I am also ambitious scholar, more than software engineer.
I will try to earn enough money for our family, if you marry me.

If you are interested, I will send you some pictures about China & myself at once.
so you can understand something about China at first.

Please give me your email address.

Please believe me, my letter is not a joke.

If we love each other, I like to live with you in your side. You need not to move to China.
I am sincere for a marriage.

My email address:

On hotmail.com , I have instant messager.
I wish I can talk with you by instant messager.


Hongwu in Beijing, China

lmao that was at myspace...lol too funny
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